Trade your orders without requotes with LCG

lcg metatrader 4 platform

London Capital Group brings you the most professional and widely acknowledged trading platform in the industry – MetaTrader 4. Now, with this broker, MT4 platform uses market execution and orders are executed at the next available price, meaning that there is never a requote.

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Do note that the price of the order might not be what you see when you place an order. The difference you will experience is because of slippage, which can be observed in most institutional and retail brokers with market execution feature. This happens because of two reasons – the price either moved from the last market overview, or the trade value you want is larger than the volume available at the most optimal bid/offer price viewed on the screen.

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Now that aside, let’s see what you get with MetaTrader 4 from London Capital. First of all there is a wide range of charting functions and indicators. The platform needs to be downloaded to your computer. Once installed, you can create and test your strategies using the following features:

Expert Advisors – these are the software programs written for you to execute trades automatically or to monitor the markets movements.

Custom Indicators – you can use tailor-made indicators to analyze history and current price data in order to make predictions for your next moves.

Scripts – you can automate some of the repeated operations such as closing all positions with a single click.


MetaTrader4 is one of world's most used platform today and offers easy-to-use functionality and undeniable reliability. Together with a reliable broker, you have a happy marriage!