eToro Introduces New Stream Feed Features

etoro openbook streameToro is excited to bring you all the first version of so called “Streams”  -a new kind of feed experience on eToro Openbook.

The agenda behind the “Streams” is to improve the exiting feed system and introduce innovative features. Since market streams were not flexible enough beforehand, this is a great and most-wanted update.

The major innovation in “Streams” is the way posts are added. Posts can be sorted to different streams (similar to how Twitter does it). It is also possible to tag a market (for example $AAPL) and it will be added to the relevant market steam (in our example, to Apple).

You can also create discussions with two different markets, tagging both of them, and the post will be shown in both market walls.

Your stream will now include feed items that you added comments to or liked. This way you can stay on top of all the important discussions from people you follow.

Feed design has been upgraded to bring more features, such as:

Translate and flag as spam moved to a separate menu – mouse over the post or comment and click on the blue arrow on the left

Wider feed items – making room for more information on trading activities, as well as future rich media display (images, videos, etc.)

eToro decided to keep general “Discussions” stream, which shows all discussions on the eToro OpenBook, but removed the “Everyone” stream that also showed the trading activities of all investors on the social network.