KCG Hotspot reports flat November volumes

kcg hotspotKCG Holdings, Inc. today released trade volumes for the month of November 2013. In Market Making, KCG averaged $26.8 billion dollar volume traded, 4.7 billion shares traded, and 4.0 million trades per day in U.S. equities.

In Global Execution Services:

- Agency-based algorithmic and EMS trade volumes through KCG EMS, Knight Direct and GETAlpha averaged an aggregate 256.7 million shares traded per day in U.S. equities

- KCG Hotspot averaged $29.6 billion per day in notional foreign exchange dollar volume

- KCG BondPoint averaged $127.3 million per day in fixed income par value

As for the overall market conditions in November, consolidated U.S. equity volume averaged $226.6 billion in dollar volume and 6.1 billion shares traded per day. The CBOE Volatility Index (VIX) averaged 12.9.

In November, there were 19.5 trading days in U.S. equities, 21 trading days in foreign exchange, and 18.5 trading days in fixed income.


For KCG monthly trade volumes dating back to the beginning of 2012, go to the broker’s website.