InstaForex gives out prizes and announces a new start

instaforex competition registrationAnother round of InstaForex regular contests is over. The desire to win valuable prizes and be the first attracted a great number of participants. Anyone can win. InstaForex team welcomes the new winners with pleasure. They all pursued their personal goals. Some were driven by excitement and adrenalin, while others were thrilled by the taste of victory and anticipation of great prizes. However, the finish eased everything. The judges are ready to announce the names of the prizewinners. Congratulations to the strongest ones on your rightful victory!


FX-1 Rally

Eko Yulianto left everyone behind him on the finish line. High-speed track does not forget the mistakes. Lack of reaction to swift market swings, constant errors, and inaccurate calculation will hamper you from getting to the finish first. On the flip side, confidence and self-control will guide you to the triumph. Take a fling at the contest! Register for the next race which is scheduled from 00:00 December 6, 2013 (GMT+2) to 23:59 December 6, 2013 (GMT+2). Registration is available at the contest page.


InstaForex Sniper

If you have a demo account with InstaForex, you can easily register with the contest. Anyone can struggle for the best Sniper title. However, only the strongest ones will be able to stay the course. This time Artem Slabko showed stellar result! Keep it up, Artem! InstaForex heartily congratulates the winner and announces a new step of the contest open. Register for the contest which is held from December 9, 2013 (GMT+2) to December 13, 2003 (GMT+2). Registration is over one hour before the contest starts.


Trade Wise, Win Device

Happy fluke is when you win unexpectedly. Although some believe in luck, while others are more pragmatic - they all may test their strategy in this contest. The rules are simple: top up your account with no less than $500. This is it! Nevertheless, today the Fortune smiled upon Mohamed Aladham. He gets fancy Samsung Galaxy Tab. Are you ready to try your hand in the сontest? Register for the next step that will take place from December 9, 2013 (GMT+2) to December 20, 2013 (GMT+2) 


Chancy Deposit 

InstaForex congratulates a happy owner of the chancy deposit. Fortune is the law here! Desi Rigamanaya was the luckiest to get the main prize! The contest does not imply intense trading. To partake, deposit your account with at least $3,000 and rely on Fortune. Get ready - new step of the contest  is already kicked off.