Instaforex attended ShowFx World 2013 in Yekaterinburg

forex conference in Russia 2013Last month there was yet another forex conference held by ShowFX World, this time in Yekaterinburg, Russia. The conference took place in Atrium Palace Hotel with new and loyal participants from all over the world.

Instaforex brought unique opportunity to the conference guests to learn about market analysis from the experts:

1.Victor Pershikov: Trading on Forex Using Fibonacci Retracements

2.Gennadiy Babak: Cutting-edge Technologies for Forex and Stock Market. Golden Foundry of Traders – Software for Proprietary Companies

3.Sergey Belyaev: Basics of Trading Using Candlestick Analysis

4.Artur Uryupin: Fundamentals of Forecasting. Determination of Potential Reversal Zones on Price Charts

5.Timur Nigmatullin: Prospects for EUR/RUB and USD/RUB by late 2013 Based on Fundamental Analysis of Russian Economy

During the event, Instaforex raffled 3 certificates for $500 each, along with Apple and Samsung gadgets.

There was also the ceremony of the 4th annual beauty contest miss Insta Asia with six most stunning beauties voted by Instaforex clients online. Svetlana Vlichinskaya, the queen of Instaforex this year, received $20,000 main prize. Other gorgeous ladies received up to $8,000 awards.


The Yekaterinburg conference was a successful occasion with many participants and colleagues attending workshops, discussing latest market trends and meeting new friends.