MONEY.NET Releases New Faster Desktop App the low cost leader of financial information and market data, announced today the release of the MONEY.NET Desktop App. The Desktop App is a quick download that provides enterprise level access with ease of use.  This release further demonstrates MONEY.NET's vision to be the break-away company that truly democratizes market data.

Most importantly, this app greatly improves launch speeds and reliability. "MONEY.NET has always been known for developing high performance applications but this is our greatest release in our company's 15-year history," says CEO HL Van Arnem.

The MONEY.NET Desktop App also provides a solution to customers that may have been unable to install Oracle's Java. Customers can now run either of two versions: the powerful and faster new Desktop App which does not require Java, or the cloud-based Java version if the customer has Java installed.  The new Desktop App supports Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS, and Linux operating systems. The company will continue to support a Java cloud-based version in parallel with the new Desktop App.

The company is seeing an increase in professional customers, including financial advisors (Registered Investment Advisors, RIAs) and regional asset management firms. If you have a free platform from an online broker, come give us a try and you will see what the rage is all about.

New key features include:

Live Newsroom - 500+ up-to-the-minute news sources from curated sources including Twitter feeds from top influential traders, managers, and editors. Quick search allows users to easily filter on the fly.

Member Chat - private chat, buddies, and "Market Chat" for members.

Share -­ enables traders and advisors to share screens, modules, charts, news, portfolios, watch lists, and settings with associates and clients.

Enterprise Level Market Data - Real Time Streaming U.S. Equities, Forex (FX/Currencies), Futures (Commodities), Fixed Income/Bonds, and Global Quotes. Extended Hours & Full CBOE Indices Coverage including all VIX. Tear Sheets & Fundamental Reports ­- access to extended research and analyst content.

World Trading Clocks and Market Summary Modules - global times and quick glance at world markets and commodities (cross asset classes).

Professional Tick Analytic Smart Charts 2014 Edition. 

Excel Plug-in API & Quick Portfolio Import. 

RadarXray Visual Analytic Mapping - Premium. 

If you or your company is interested in trying MONEY.NET 2014 APP for free you can click "INSTANT PREVIEW"  for a real live 5 minute period and then continue for a 7 day no risk free trial. If you would like to set up multiple accounts, please email the broker and our team will follow up directly. Coming soon, by year end, the Company will also release a desktop application, native Android version, native iOS version, and a java application available via jre web-­start (in addition to the current web­-based applet).  The Android & iOS versions will allow tablets and mobile devices to access MONEY.NET 2014.

About Money.Net Incorporated:


Money.Net offers the only complete market data platform available via desktop app or cloud-based java web version that provides live streaming, professional grade stock market data to investors and traders at the low rate of just over $1 a day. In 1999, Money.Net leveled the playing field for the retail investor by introducing the first online streaming real­ time portfolio tracker, called the Screamer. The highly publicized launch of the Money.Net Screamer was the first time individual investors could access in streaming real time the same live market data previously available only to professional traders. Today, Money.Net is a financial technology company providing professional grade market data services and platforms to traders, investors, financial advisors and institutions. Money.Net is a privately held company based in downtown Manhattan.