ADS Securities Introduces Trading of the CNH

ADS Securities, the Middle East's leading forex brokerage and one of the fastest growing FX trading companies globally, has today announced it has started trading the USDCHN currency pair (US Dollar/ Chinese Renminbi). Offering access to the Renminbi (RMB) has been driven by a growing interest in the Chinese currency.

Philippe Ghanem, Managing Director and Vice-Chairman of ADS Securities, commented: "The CNH is the offshore RMB and we are very pleased that our customers can now trade this with a GCC based brokerage.  We always want to offer new trading and investment opportunities for our clients and have responded to the strong demand from investors to have access to the Chinese currency."

International trading of the RMB has increased significantly over the last few years.  The Bank of International Settlement Triennial Central Bank Survey (September 2013) showed that the RMB is now the 9th most traded currency, and accounts for 2.2 per cent of global trading - up from 17th place with 0.9 per cent of volumes three years ago.  

The USDCNH pair can be accessed on ADS Securities' professional trading platform.  For more information, investors can call +971-2-652-9777 or email.  Further information is available at

About ADS Securities

Abu Dhabi-based ADS Securities is a Forex, bullion and commodities trading firm, which brings significant new opportunities to participants in the global and regional Forex, commodities, futures and options markets.  ADS Securities offers a comprehensive set of on and off-line services and tools designed to help institutional, professional and high-net-worth participants trade with high efficiency, speed and simplicity.  The company is led by a multi-national management team with a wide range of international experience, having worked some of the world's leading securities trading companies and banks. The company started operations in March 2011 and offers a deep range of market-leading pricing on bid/offer spreads across all major currency pairs and in all trade sizes.  ADS Securities is building a large network of liquidity providers (LPs), including tier 1 and 2 banks and financial institutions, Electronic Communications Networks (ECNs), FX and commodity exchanges and brokers.  

The company's location in Abu Dhabi allows it to provide extended support to clients in the East and West beyond normal trading hours and days.  ADS Securities provides clients 24/ 6 trade support through a team of experienced sales traders and chief dealer who work proactively to provide the timely advice and assistance necessary for successful trade execution.  A diligent in-house operations and risk teams constantly monitor and manage the post-trade cycle to reduce risk to a minimum. To trade Forex, precious metals, commodities, futures, options and more.  ADS Securities is part of the ADS Holding group and is regulated and licensed by the UAE Central Bank, and was established with initial capital ofUS$400 million.