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Forex Trading Checklist

Lesson 1: Forex Trading Checklist

Below is the checklist of every beginner in forex trading:

  1. Computer
  2. Fast internet connection
  3. Basic computer knowledge
  4. Amount to invest (starting from $1 and up)
  5. Payment method (for funding and withdrawal)
  6. Forex broker
  7. Forex resources (news, articles, blogs, forums, and of course!)
  8. Lots of patience, practice and learning!

That’s about it. If you are serious enough to treat forex trading as a profession, this checklist is all you need to become your own boss and work from home.

The earning potential in forex is endless and a skilled trader can make thousands of dollars every month, week or day. However, it also means that with the lack of knowledge and proper practice forex trader may suffer undesirable losses. So, here is a reminder – BE SERIOUS about forex trading.