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Forex Analysis

Risk Appetite Indicators and Exchange Rates in Forex

instability index

The heart of trading is establishing correct valuations. The application of modeling to future currency values is often a mix of science and supposition. Indeed, most models perform very poorly on short term valuations, and even the long term models perform little better.

What is Volatility in Forex Trading?

what is volatility“What doesn't kill us makes us stronger.” The famous quote of philosopher Frederick Nietzsche certainly applies to forex trading. Volatility is one of the greatest risks associated with forex trading, and for some, it's an ever present obstacle to making profitable trades. For others, it's the best thing since sliced bread or sex.  Their trading methods and strategies take advantage of movements beyond the mean, and seek to tap into the greater amount of market liquidity (the underlying cause of volatility). Despite both being a blessing and/or curse, and the bane of those whom may deploy conservative stop loss procedures, volatility generates more opportunities for traders as price action expands from the normal range. A few points:

Consumer Market Reports in Forex Trading

Consumer market reports are one of the most important economic data which shows the consumer spending of a specific country and therefore reflects on the overall economy status. This is one of the powerful tools to analyze and understand the economic health of a country and its currency.

Technical versus Fundamental Analysis

fundamental technical analysisDo you have your ear to the ground, or an eye on the charts? This is essentially the difference between those that favor fundamental analysis and those that defer to technical analysis.


Cause, Effect and Cycle of Speculation

speculationSome traders have the wrong perception that supply and demand are completely independent of one another. Let’s think about it for a moment.